Hi, I'm Taylor.

Currently, I am working as a data scientist at Kahua, while getting a Master's in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. I graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.S in Statistics and a B.B.A. in Management Information Systems. I am very interested in pursuing large-scale AI research/practical projects. Specifically, I am interested in exploring and implementing state-of-the-art Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithms to address real-world problems. I firmly believe that DRL has a multitude of applications, far beyond what is commonly perceived and I'm eager to contribute.

After graduation, I briefly worked at IBM as a data scientist and developed an ML model for a large automotive company. The model powered ETA predictions for customers who recently purchased a car. The data pipeline, training pipeline, and inference pipeline were all written in Python and deployed with Jenkins. Our team went from design to production in less than 4 months.

Besides school and data science, I am interested in golf, tennis, pickleball, traveling, volunteer work, finance, the stock market, and college football. I have played golf for 16 years, and it is by far my biggest passion. I try to play at least once a week with my friends. Also, I enjoy watching golf, so I created a machine model to predict the outcome each tournament. To view the model, check out my portfolio.

My Experience

Graduate from Georgia Tech

Master of Science in Computer Science with a specialization in machine learning

Coursework: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, ML for Trading, Reinforcement Learning, AI for Robots, Deep Learning


Kahua, Data Scientist

Building the data science team and bringing ML/AI to the construction industry.


IBM, Data Scientist

Delivered a state-of-the-art, productionalized machine learning model for a large automotive company to predict a window for when cars would reach dealerships to help the company manage inventory and give end users transparency into vehicle ETAs


Graduated from The University of Georgia

Bachelor of Science in Statistics, Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems


NCR Corporation, Data Science Intern

I worked on the Enterprise Data Analystics team on a full-stack data science project that consistented of building a machine learning pipeline from start to finish for supply chain management. We used tools such as Python, PySpark, SQL, and Oracle Cloud Services.


NCR Corporation, IT Analyst Intern

I served on the Enterprise Data Analytics team to analyze IT Costs within the corporation, using PySpark, Hadoop, and Tableau to ingest, clean, and analyze data for a technology business management cost model.


Studied in Innsbruck, Austria

I studied abroad in Innsbruck, Austria for six weeks after my second year of college with the University of New Orleans. I completed core business classes while traveling the rest of Europe on the weekends.


Geronimo Solutions,LLC Data Analyst Intern

Geronimo helps businesses connect with non-profits, gathering $70M in fun experiences (golf, lessons, vacations, cruises) and converting them to donations. I served as lead generation (reviewing LinkedIn profiles for ideal experience providers) and data analyst for Geronimo, updating golf course and vacation provider information.